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What is a good character for this game?

That's probably the first question every player asks himself when dealing with a chronicle. Beside personal preferences that certainly make an impact,  a good player starts by understanding what the game is about: is it political? combat oriented? aventure? psicological thriller?; and then searches in his/her own repertory of options for a good character to partake in it.

This game is esentially a "social game". Sure we'll have some combats and even some politics could be involved in the equation, but in essence the characters will be involved in Las Vegas' Social life.
A particulary active one with Casinos and their customers, eventually providers of services and goods, the list its endless and because of that all characters ''should'' be able to socialized in their own way. Just think how is your character going to deal with its enviroment before considering typos in your character sheet.

Now there is also a over-arching plot, not only wild you have to deal with the social life of living on the 5mile Los Vegas strip, and deal with the drama attached to your Sect and Clan's.  You will also be pursued by a unseen force and shadow organization that put you in your starting predicament in the 1st place. (More on this Later)

Of course the character sheet is another important thing. The must-do-or-not-play-thing you have to follow is that your character needs a clear concept, your character sheet must reflect a profile attuned to your concept. For this I've designed a small table that I hope would help you:

  • Define what is your character good at
    (Primary ability):

    Being really good at something takes at least 10 years of training (Trait level Three); Especialists meaning people with Olimpic level (Trait level 4) requiere 15 years of hard training unless some special regime like every day professional training is involved; and Masters are a new whole deal, some people spend their lives trying to be masters at something (Trait level 5) and even after 20 years don't succeed.

    Rule Wise, your character "should" have one attribute and one ability at level 5 starting out regardless of Gen. Now this is only a request. I'm super relaxed on this rule, though I will ask that your character sheet reflect your backstory.

  • Ask Yourself "How does your character do what he/she does?:
    A good medic for example, master level, not only develop medicine as a trait. He requires Investigation to diagnose his patients, Languages to understand different books and academics to get a degree. Your second task is to highlight those abilities, some to level Four when they're crucial for your character to do what he does, other to a professional level of Three and the rest to support his job, level two or less.

    The rule is your character shouldn't have more than two attributes in Level Four and maximum two abilities. (this doesn't always apply) Also he/she shouldn't have more than four abilities in Level 3.
    I am looking for well rounded Characters, NOT a lopsided Powerhouse. If I see this I will kindly ask you to remake your sheet.

  • The idea of  these traits is to flavor your character make him unique and interesting to play. Logically you want your merits to give you an edge and your flaws to annoy you the least possible but nevertheless you must use them as landmarks that define your character and not as useful tools to max/min his abilities.

    No more than 7 points in flaws and must come from something that actually happended to your character.  You may however take as many merits that you can afford. (Some merits will be banned from play.) I prefer that you only take 1 supernatural merit. All merits and flaws must be approved by me. I would also prefer people not to take 7 one point flaws, it gets hard to keep track of honestly.
    You will also be expected to play out your flaws through your RP.

    So please choose wisely.

      Also you will gain EXP for roleplaying good,  This includes your portrayal of your character concept and interpretation, as well as the interpretation of playing out your flaws.

    Your Merits should help you, yes ! BUT remember is about the concept of your character not the ability you gain for having them.

I like to use the Character Sheet as a temple for what your character can and can't do.
In some cases if your character is skilled enough in one area, there will be some cases that they will not have to roll the dice to preform his/her actions.

As you can see making a character is more than just setting points in a character to have a powerful collection of abilities. Think about it, if everyone thinks like you the game wouldn't be different from any computer game that no one cares about. Your character must be important in the storyline of the chronicle and as player you should be comfortable to become the character inside of it.

Therefore character with  minimum wage of interpretation like a ''icy demeanor'' character that doesn't even care about his past or future is just an excuse to use your abilities, since they don't demand more than a few lines of interpretation and a whole lot of dice to make the world do what you want.

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