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Post by ST: Kat on Mon May 28, 2018 4:07 pm

Read Before You Start Vtmris10

:I: n this Vampire The Masquerade setting there is a high stakes game being played by the elders. It is much like the game of RISK. Though instead of global domination your character will be expected to help not just their sect, but also clan dominate the board.
What is the board you might ask?... it is the Las Vegas Strip.
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:P: layers take on the roll of a newly arrived Vampire to the city only to find themselves  thrown into a wager put forth by their elders for who will dominate the city. It is within the players best interest to side with their Clan and Sect to win this wager or be forced to leave the city and watch their Sect fall to the opposing faction..... Namely the Sabbat, though the Independent Clan's such as the Giovanni have their stakes in this wager too.

:T: he Camarilla Prince has made a wager with the Arch Bishop Of the Sabbat to prevent an all out war in the streets that would endanger both kindred and mortals alike.
(Being that the Strip is filled with around 2,340,000 people on any given night)
:T: his bet has lead to The Prince wagering the entire city and all its residents in a gamble for who can control the most territory and maintain it. He is stepping down from his position and is appointing anyone chosen from their respective clan who controls the most territory and can hold order within their domain to replace him.
The Over-Plot's Objective:
• Gain Allies, Reputation, Status and Resources as you work towards driving the opposing factions out of the city.
• Work with your Sect and Clan to take over territory and control from opposing factions of the various hotels / casinos along the 5 mile strip of Las Vegas.
• Work to gain influence and help maintain order/dominance within your Clan's domain and territory.
• Help your clan deal with the main issues that are preventing them from doing so, as well as the day to day activities of your night life.
• Work towards putting a new Prince in the thrown.... maybe even yourself.

How to take over a territory or Hotel / Casino
Well it isn't as simple as trying to start the game with a 5 in resources and be a member of clan Venture so you can just buy up the property from those who own it.
If that were the case than  all of Las Vegas would be owned by these Kindred Lords.
There is a bit more strategy to it then that.

Each Hotel Territory is owned by someone who has more resources then you, or is owned by multiple share holders to which you will have to conspire to bring down and bleed their profits in order to have your clan buy the property up. You can achieve this through numerous ways such as black mail, sabotage and gaining powerful alies.

Once the territory has been acquired, it must be maintained and defended from others who would take this property for themselves.  They may choose to cause trouble financially or physically for the casino, or even spoil the hotel's reputation by flooding the casino floor with vermin.
Though no matter what troubles come your way you must do everything in your power to maintain the Masquerade.... for the penalty for a Masquerade breach could be meeting the sunrise in the desert the following morning.
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