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Post by ST: Kat on Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:49 am

House Rules Coolte18

This game is open to anyone, and anyone my join in at any time (just PM me)

1) The StoryTeller does not intentionally kill players.
Punishment for stupid actions however is always more fun. If a character is going to die, the ST and the Player must agree on its Death, there is always a chance to come back. Talk to the ST about this.

2) PvP is ok?!
My rules on player vs. player death? ..
Usually frowned upon, but since some of the players will be on other sides and conflicts of interest . (Infighting & conflict is fine, but please lets 'trying' to kill each other... but sh!t happens.)
Exclamation Death EXP ''might''  be giving out + specials for your next character if it does happen
Also NO PC IN MY GAME EVER REALLY DIES, even after Diablerie...
Why you might ask?... F*ck you im the ST that's why.
Once your Character is "DEAD'' you will get a chance to redeem him in the Shadow Lands and Plead with Sir Death for a chance to come back or fall to Oblivion ....  
Ok, but really....
Reason 1) I take a 'lot' of time building the story around characters, so when they die it can be detrimental to some story plot points...
Reason 2) I have had players Rage Quite when their Character dies...
i would like to avoid this. I like to think i run a fun and intricate game.
Now this is not to say that you will simply be ''respawned'', you will have to earn your way back from the Shadow Lands once you die for the 1st time.
and Reincarnation usually ONLY happens once.

3) Try to work as a team!
Now not everyone will be in a group setting...
BUT IF in a group... Don't split the party… this is bad for a multitude of reasons. Not the least of which is that group quests will often be at an elevated difficulty which no one player could handle alone. Remember there is strength in numbers.

4) There is More then one way to earn back WP!

WillPower can be  a hard commodity to earn back if you spend it like a stack of dollar at a strip club. There are a few ways to earn WP back in game.
1) Following or Indulging in your Nature (WP allotted as it details)
2) Sleeping in a ''Safe'' haven or environment. (Usually your secure haven that you have spent time fortify)
3) Engaging in sexual activity. (for every hour you engage in having sex you earn back 1 WP.)
On the surface this sounds like a easy way to get free WP, but each hour you spend takes 1 hour of Game play time and you must spend 1bp per hour. Once the Sun rises you can not earn WP until the next night.

5) A Helper NPC will be given to help the players out & guide the story.
This NPC can be trusted,(unlike most NPCs) but if it dies or you choose not to involve it in your story, it can not help you. This NPC is NOT a Shield to stand behind, and is NOT a Macguffin that can fix any mess you make for yourself.

6) All antags can be flipped into Allies & All allies can be flipped into antags depending on your interaction with them.

Make friends, Make Allies, Make Enemies ... EVERYONE you meet could be potentially dangerous or useful .

7) I uses alot of Books
this is primarily a VTM game, with aspects of VTR,CTL,CTD,WTA,MTA,WTO and other WoD mixed in. (Loosely) Using old system rules and stats.
If players want to run anything besides Vampire character or a hybrid, send me a PM and we will make it work. I have at my disposal many crossover books by white wolf. And have integrated such characters many times before. Keep in mind that this is primarily a Vampire game, but Abominations & Hybrids are welcome. Just talk with me about your ideas.

8 ) I'm not a rule nazi.
I use the books as a main focus point for rules & system, but if you can argue with me on how something makes sense other than the ways it is written in the books I'm willing to hear you out. But remember over all the ST has final say. Also Remember the Golden Rule!

House Rules _2016111

9)  have fun, if you are not having fun why play.
As a Storyteller I try to tell a compelling story using visual aids to make an immersive world to play in. My responses will usually be very descriptive and long (sometimes too long) LoL
Not all battle need be won in combat.
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House Rules Empty Re: House Rules

Post by ST: Kat on Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:57 am

House Rules Coolte19

Celerity : may only be activated once per turn. All actions (unless divided) when using Celerity are doubled (or times the level of Celerity the PC).
A character has Celerity 1,  the player rolls your normal attack and what ever dice come up are counted as your extra roll, as well as  damage rolls.

Only one attack roll will be required use Celerity and One Damage roll. .
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