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Post by ST: Kat on Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:59 pm

Masquerading Mechanics

Do to the over population of the Las Vegas strip the system mechanics for Masquerading has changed. The Las Vegas Strip is home to a population that is now estimated at 2,340,000 in 2017, this number does not include the main or surrounding outer city. Las Vegas Nevada is truly the City that never sleeps.
You will never find a darkened ally unpopulated at any time of night and must be mindful of mortal eyes and video surveillance. The Masquerade is always to be maintained, failure to do so will result in death or worse.

That being said if we simply relied on the VTM machines of using ''The Blush'' for every scene just to blend in and not break the Masquerade, the Character's would be spending majority of their night constantly hunting for blood to replenish their blood supply in fear of falling into a frenzy.

So to counter this I have allowed some new game mechanics for the purpose of Masquerading .

:greenorb: Each night aside from the vitae that is required to rise, I will ask you if you will be ''Masquerading''.
If you choose to do so you can spend 1 extra blood point to roll Appreciate + Performance  (dif 7)
All successes add 1 hour to your Masquerade, to a max of 8hrs.

:greenorb: you may take a Performance specialty in ''Masquerading'' to lower the Difficultly by 1
Or Pick up the secondary Skill called Masquerading, and use your dots in that instead of your performance dice pool, and lower your difficultly by 2 for the purposes of Masquerading.
This secondary skill can also be used for the purposes of ''disgusting'' or ''impersonating''

Exclamation Please note that Nosferatu players can NOT Masquerade using this method, they will still have to use Obfuscation or some kind of disgusting method to blend in as ''normal''. Though the secondary skill of Masquerade can still be purchases and used as a replacement for any performance rolls that have to do with Obfuscation, disgusting or impersonating.
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